Raggedy Ann 3
Raggedy Ann 4

I have been natural for over 8 years and the one thing I miss that I will NEVER go back to is COLOR! I love my natural sandy brown hair but sometimes I like to switch it up. Currently I am doing the protective style challenge so I get to experiment with different protective styles and, you guest it, COLOR! This red-orange color is giving me Annie vibes (one of my favorite movies) and I can’t stop starring at myself. I LOVE IT!

For those of you wondering this here is crochet braids using Marley hair and the color is 350. Before I uploaded my video on this tutorial I received many compliments and a lot of people thought I dyed my real hair even when they knew better lol. Wouldn’t catch me with dye unless it’s for fabric.

I have had this in for 3 weeks and I am going for one more before I get a new style. If you have not watched my video on this look what are you waiting for? Click here. And make sure you stay tuned for my next post. Be sure to subscribe to my site so you won’t miss a post!

See you in the next one cousin!

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