Listen up ladies, periods come and they come monthly, sadly.

When I was 18 years old I got on birth control for many reasons and my period cramps disappeared, I thought I would never have to worry about periods again. I spent a few years on birth control, first with the pill and than transitioned over to the Depo shot. I HATED THESE SHOTS! Mainly because I hate shots but the side effects messed with me even more. I do not want to go into the personal reasons as to why I hated the shot so much, maybe in a later post. But eventually I began to research and learn about my body and the many things that a lot of us do that actually causes harm. One of those things being birth control so I decided that it was no longer for me.

The after effects of stopping birth control were horrible.

If any of you ladies have stop birth control before you know exactly what I am talking about. My periods were ten times worse than before the shots. Naturally my periods are light, the first day I cramp but not as bad as most and it only last a total of 4 to 5 days. After getting off birth control my periods were longer, stronger and more painful. I couldn’t even go over an hour using a super tampon without bleeding through my panties. TMI, I know but I needed you to visualize my pain. Because of that experience it made me appreciate my periods more. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look forward to them either, but I can’t say I dread them. Now periods are a time for myself to relax and pamper myself, at least that’s how I see it. During my cycle I love watching movies, doing masks, and laying in bed. I also love to do things as naturally and organic as possible, even though I will admit I grab a hold of some pain medicine any chance I get.

One thing that I recommend is a warm compress.

I purchased my reusable hot/cold compress on Amazon. It is a great alternative to pain medicine for those of you who either cannot take painkillers or choose not to. I like to fill the rubble container with hot water from the sink (do not use boiling water), and just rest it on my lower stomach to help relieve the pain. I recommend this product even if you’re okay with taking medicine. Sometimes the pain hits us out of no where and it takes over an hour before the medicine actually kicks in. I like to use this as I wait for the pain relief from the painkillers.

I am a health freak I know! But ORGANIC TAMPONS is where it’s at!

I am pretty sure most of us know the toxic chemicals that are in regular tampons. I honestly feel like humans hate women so much that they just think of ways to weaken us LOL. All jokes aside, I love the L. brand which you can find it at your local Target store or online. They are chlorine free with no synthetic pesticides, dyes, or fragrances, OH… and they are cruelty free! I personally haven’t gotten the courage to purchase and use a reusable menstrual cup so this is a great alternative to the natural organic side of womanhood. It’s truly a sense of relief knowing that only the best of the best is going inside you (that’s what she said).

How do you combat your period days and do you consider your menstrual cycle to be light or heavy?

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