Coping With My Fear of Planes 1

Everyone wants to travel the world and enjoy plane rides… Right? WRONG!

I for one HATE heights and because of my fear of planes I have avoided traveling many times. For those of you who love planes and your first instinct is to tell someone to face their fears, DON’T! I have flown in over eight planes and the feeling stays the same. I will never love plane rides, I will never get excited to board. The best part of the plane ride is when it has already landed. I have however, learned how cope with my fear and I want to share my experiences with you.


Now this is not your typical meditation, you know I have to be a little extra. Once I have made it to my terminal I began by breathing in and out slowly focusing on now and not the future. I go from the traditional meditation to my very own by stating facts about planes and pilots. I will state the statistics of plane crashes to car crashes and how pilots have to be trained and know what to do in any given situation. I tell myself turbulence is normal and if I feel it DO NOT PANIC I repeat, Do Not Panic!

I will go from stating facts to actually yelling at myself for being scared in the first place. Things like, “why are you so scary, people would love to get on a plane.” to “stop being a scary bitch and woman the F up.” I know it gets a little extreme but for me it works! My final stage of meditation is singing Destiny’s Child survivor, because Beyoncé always has the answers.


Sleeping really helps avoid your fear of turbulence, taking off, being in the air, and landing because well… you are sleep. Now some people are great a falling asleep but I am not. When I do get sleepy it’s amazing, the only downfall is that when you fall asleep fearful you wake up easily. I will fall asleep and as soon as the pilot comes on telling everyone we are landing in 30 I wake up.

Sleeping pills of course are great as well but I never tried them for plane rides because the only plane rides I have been on are only 2 hours or less long. It is best if you avoid taking them if your flight is short but if I was flying cross country than sleep mediation would be perfect.


Alcohol is my favorite for relaxing my nerves and I used it for the first time on my recent flight trip and it is amazing. I would recommend that you do not get too lit because that can be more of a negative than a positive. I usually go for my favorite sparkling wine or a house margarita and usually get 2 or 3 drinks in once I made it past TSA. That way I will not have to wait to drink after we are already in the air. The downfall to drinking is that you pee a lot so I like to use the restroom before takeoff, when the seat belt light comes off, and as soon as we land.


So this is for severe anxiety to where none of the above works. I would recommend seeing a doctor and talk to them about potential medication for your anxiety.

I hope that these methods help you in your flight journey as some has helped me. We must all remember we are bigger than our fears and our fears do not control us. Please subscribe for future post and I will see you in the next one!

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