Would You Believe Me If I Told You This Was Thrifted?

This dress… What can I say besides I got lucky? Not only is it a Ralph Lauren dress but it’s vintage and thrifted. That means CHEAP! I love finding amazing finds at thrift stores especially when they are name brand finds. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a name brand person but the thought of paying a few dollars for something that originally cost A LOT, is a win-win.

Choker Dress 2
Choker Dress 1

Clearly the dress is not meant to be a choker but the string is so long that it flows so well when I add that small detail. The close up on the dress really shows off the pattern which I love the most.

This dress is a few sizes too big but it fits me perfectly, meaning I love the oversized-ness of the dress and how it flows so well in the wind. One thing I will forever wonder is when this dress was created and the original cost. To me, it seems like a late 90s early 00s vibe, something Rachel would wear off Friends.


What do you think of this dress and are you a thrifter?


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