About NappyDanny

Danielle Summers (better known as NappyDanny) is a YouTube Personality and blogger who creates videos on natural hair, beauty, health, fashion and more. Danny has over 30,000 subscribers and she continues to grow through her quirky personality and weekly uploads.

NappyDanny’s History

The creation of NappyDanny started on June 11th of 2012 with ZERO supporters and a Nikon D3100 Camera. Danny was 17 years old when she started her channel secretly as an outlet/hobby during after school hours. The thought of NappyDanny was created because of Danny’s love for natural hair vloggers on YouTube like Naptural85 and NaturalNeciiey. Danny’s love for Erykah Badu caused her to transition back to natural at a young at of 14 (2008), she later did her Big Chop one year later as a freshman in high school (2009).

Shortly after her Big Chop she became very insecure and was made fun of by high school peers. Perms were all she ever knew, and Danny’s hair was too short for a ponytail to hide her fro. After she got over her insecurities with her hair, she began to love it, diving deeper and deeper into YouTube videos on how to care for her hair and different styles she could create. She wore protective styles and dabbled with different hair colors like never before. 

A few years later her hair grew longer and her confidence grew stronger. Danny wore her hair big and proudly in a predominantly white school where the natural hair movement had yet to touch. She then came back to the idea of how YouTubers like Naptural85 made her feel and wanted to inspire black girls like her who thought about transitioning but were scared. And so, NappyDanny was created.

Danny’s first video was a DIY ring video. She tried to think of things that she thought would be interesting and searchable. Although she was “NappyDanny”, she did not want to only do hair videos. She wanted to inspire young girls in every way, showing her true personality on the camera that her close friends never seen before.

NappyDanny was and is more than just a natural hair channel. Not only has Danny moved over 34,000 subscribers, but she has also gained the confidence in being exactly who she was all along, a carefree quirky black girl

Who is NappyDanny

Just your average YouTuber but so much more. NappyDanny brings a different side to the natural hair community. She wants to attract peers into the love of natural hair and how to be their true selves. Danny always expressed herself creatively through fashion, hair, and art. Now she has a platform to inspire others like her to do the same and never fear of doing what you want. NappyDanny is a girl who wants all of her supporters to ignore negative people while always remaining open-minded, strong hearted, and creative.


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