The Prodigy Studio
Web & Graphic Design

Project Description

The Prodigy Studio is a tutoring agency that enhances the learning of children from k through 12 in mathematics, reading, writing, public speaking, and test prep. My mission was to design the company logo and website.

Start & End Date

May 2016 to August 2016


Logo Design

My client specifically wanted to incorporate the African symbol of wisdom into the design. She also wanted the color purple to be apart of the color scheme for its meaning of royalty. Because the company wanted to market to parents and children I went with a more fun font with the African symbol displayed as a flower in the ā€œiā€.

Web Design

For this design I developed a responsive WordPress template for mobility and so my client could easily update her customers without getting into the code. I strategically searched color schemes that went with purple; I wanted the colors to be fun and open but not clashing. On the homepage I incorporated simple buttons that when clicked scrolls to different div sections on the front page.


To bring even more fun onto the site, I created a color changing background to the footer area. This draws attention to the slogan and the newsletter viewers can easily sign up for. The Sign Up form is the most important out of the site. My client needed an online form system where customers can submit information about themselves and their child to set up appointments for tutoring dates and times.



Final Thoughts

I truly enjoyed working with my client to accomplish an amazing goal. I was able to meet her needs and she gave me creative control. With that type of power I was able to step outside of the traditional website themes and create something unique, fun, and most importantly, useful.

Client Testimonials