Danielle Summers (better known as NappyDanny) is a YouTube Personality who creates videos on natural hair, beauty, health, fashion and more. Danny has over 30,000 subscribers and she continues to grow through her quirky personality and weekly uploads.


Danielle grew up in a small town in Tuskegee, Alabama. She was the middle child of three siblings my her mother and a total of ten siblings by her father. Although her family was huge she always found time alone and played alone. Danny has always been attracted to the arts from an early age do to her father’s gift of painting. She would work hard and and sketched things that she believed would impress her father and even tried to make her work look better than his.

Around the age of 10 Danny fell in love with The SIMS from creating characters and living in their world. She loved video games but The SIMS was different and something she still plays today. A year later she moved from her hometown in Alabama to Georgia and discovered MySpace. She never realized her power of coding when it came to MySpace and how she would come back to it years later and discover her major field in Information Systems. Even with all the online and computer games Danny still loved playing with Bratz and Barbie dolls and she played with dolls until the age of 13 when most of her friends where into more social engagements.

In school Danielle always excelled in Mathematics but when it came to reading and English she struggled. Back than she felt “stupid” but once she got to college she realized she suffered from Dyslexia. Eventually she figured out when it came to reading and writing she could only do it in a completely quiet environment and reread information over for more understanding.


Danielle decided to transition her relaxed hair in the 7th grade when she was only 12 years old. She went a few months without a relaxer until her aunt persuaded her to relax it again. Fast forward to 8th grade, Danny tried the transitioning again, this time she did not get persuaded because she had images of Erykah Badu’s beautiful fro in her mind as a hair goal of hers.

9th grade was the year Danielle decided to do the big chop and cut off all her relaxed hair. Her older sister, Alex, cut her hair for her. As soon as it was cut Danny regretted it immediately and began to cry. Alex tried to make her feel pretty by saying her hair was gorgeous and putting makeup on her, which helped that night. The following morning of school was probably one of the most embarrassing situations Danny had ever dealt with.

The big chop was something that was not going on in her high school and it was 2009, still the start of the Natural Hair Movement. Danny was already insecure about her twa but she still went to school that day and tried to avoid conversation. As soon as she walked in and sat down in the cafeteria during breakfast hours, two black males approached her with laughter pointing directly at her hair. Despite the noticeable tears running down her face they still laughed and even asked questions like, “Did your mom make you do that as a punishment?” Although at the time this hurt her a lot Danny looks back at that day and laughs at it (especially because one of the guys that once made her cry tried to talk to her 2 years later when her natural hair was SCHWANGING!).

For the rest of freshman her Danny kept her hair in micro braids to avoid showing it and help it grow. Once her hair got to a length she loved, she started to experiment with color. Danny did not realize at the time that color was still damaging to the hair and received a lot of damage, breakage, thinning and more. She thought her natural hair texture was naturally fine and thin because as soon as she stopped wearing braids she was dying hair (not to mention she texturized her hair once to “soften” the curls).

It was not until March of 2015 that she decided to cut off all the dyed and damaged hair (her second big chop). After that chop she immediately saw thickness and realized how damaged her hair really was. Til this day Danny focuses on the health of her natural hair first!


In 2011 Danny made her first YouTube channel that she refuses to share to the world. The videos where mainly of her sister and her making comedy videos. On June 11th 2012 NappyDanny was created. Her inspiration for creating a video was everywhere from natural hair videos to diy videos. Today Danny has over 30,000 subscribers and she cannot believe where the channel has taken her. If it was not for NappyDanny, Danny would have never picked her major in Information Systems. She would have not have found a love for marketing, graphic design, coding, animation (her intro is da bomb.com) and more.

Danny has grown as an artist, YouTuber, and a woman. She takes each day one step at a time and looks forward to what the future has in store for her.


“All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you.”